The Families
Below is a list of the family names I am currently researching. Some areas are more detailed than others. Some areas are still under construction. I am working to add more data and more families. Please check back to see the updates.

A word of warning before you begin...
There is a great deal of inter-marriage between these families. Sorting out the intricate ties of kinship can be immensely confusing even to those of us fairly familiar with the community. Please don't be intimidated. Select the family that interests you and dive right in.

The genealogies are listed in a narrative form from the earliest known ancestor foreward. I did this to show how the families developed over the years. This, however, makes it difficult to find a specific person quickly. I hope to one day add features that will make it easier to search for specific individuals by name.

Carney Hewes/Hughes
Carty/Carter Jackson
Coker Morgan
Concilor Munce/Muncey
Dean Sisco/Francisco
Durham Wright

Many other names are connected to the Kent & Sussex Co. communities. I am descended from many of them. I hope to eventually expand this list to include: Cott, Harmon, Johnson, Norwood, Ridgeway , Sammons, Saunders, Seeney, Sockum and Street.