The earliest reference on the Delmarva Peninsula occurs in the records of Somerset County, MD when we find the following in the Archives of Maryland, LIV, Somerset County Court Proceedings, 1665-1668 , MD Historical Society, 1937, p 625:

The Okey Family was connected with the mixed race Hansor Family as early as the late 17th century so it is interesting to see Elizabeth Huss mentioned in this 1666 record.

In 1681 William Hewes appears in Delaware as a member of a jury in New Castle County and also connected to a "Market House Project with Joseph Hewes " in 1736 per Scharf {Scharf's History of Delaware, pg. 81,672}.

In Kent County, Delaware the earliest reference is on November 29, 1732 when Matthew Huse was a witness to the will of Ephraim Manlove. {Arch. vol. A33, pg. 90. Reg. of Wills, Liber H, folios 57-58} while up in New Castle Co., DE in 1736 a Joseph Hewes is called a Quaker who settled in Willington by Scharf {Scharf's History of Delaware, pgs. 672,673,711}.

On March 18, 1740 administration on the estate of David Hughes , Laborer, was granted to John Harding {Arch. Vol. A25, Pg. 119, Reg. of Wills, Liber I, folio 27-28}.

Isabel Hewes:
This is the earliest confirmed member in my family. On June 13, 1757, Isabel wrote her will. It was probated on January 19, 1763 {Arch. Vol. A23, Pgs. 194-95, Reg. of Wills, Liber K, folio 302-303}.

I know very little about Isabel. Based on the projected ages of her children, she was probably born sometime before 1715. It has been suggested that she was present at the birth of Cesar Rodney. We do know that Isabel Hewes was living in Little Creek Hundred at the time of the will and the document mentions her (surviving) heirs:

  1. daughter Sarah (Hewes)
  2. son John (Hewes)
  3. son-in-law, John Durham
Sarah Hewes later married James Dean {Arch. Vol. A23, pg. 195} and my line of DEANS descends from her.

"Son-in-law" John Durham was a prominent member of the mixed blood community of Kent County and we know from earlier land records that his wife was named Elizabeth (Hewes) . Since Elizabeth is not mentioned by name in the 1757 will, it is probable that she died before the will was written. According to John's will in 1788 there were at least 8 children in his family and if all were the children of Elizabeth then she was probably born sometime before 1730.

Edward Hewes is listed as being an Overseer of the Poor in Christiana Hundred, New Castle Co., DE {Scharf's History of Delaware, pg. 619}.

In 1786 Administration on the estate of Jonathan Hughes was granted to John Wheeldon.

The connection between the Hewes and Durham families continued when administration on the estate of Thomas Derham was granted to Thomas Hughes on August 10, 1795 {Arch. Vol. A15, Pgs. 195, Reg. of Wills, Liber N, folio 126}. Thomas Hughes later married the widow, Mary Derham {Arch. Vol. A15, Pgs. 195}.

1800 Delaware Census - Little Creek Hundred, Kent County
First Last Race # in
John Hughs (N) 7 pg.34 Forrest of Little Creek
Thomas Hughs (N) 7 pg.35 Between Muddy Branch
and the Great Road

Also in 1800 Orpha Hewes is listed as a member of the Female Benevolent Society organized in Wilmington, DE {Scharf's History of Delaware, pg. 826}.