Napoleon B. Morgan
Thanks to Linda Harmon and John Carter for much of this information

Napoleon Bonaparte Morgan was the son of James Morgan and Henrietta Carty. He was born in Kent Co., DE on April 13, 1860 and appears with his family in the 1860 Kent County DE census records living in Dover Hundred.

After the death of his father James Morgan, in 1865, Napoleon's mother re-married Cornelius Hansor who was also the grandfather of Napoleon's future wife, Henrietta Durham. He is found living with Henrietta and Cornelius in the 1870 Kent County DE census records.

Napoleon, called "Uncle Pole" by most of the family, is quoted in C.A. Weslager's book, Delaware's Forgotten Folk , as saying that his mother, Henrietta Carty, called her mother Elizabeth Carty, a full blooded Maryland Indian but he could not recall the tribe.

On 20 August 1879 Napoleon married Henrietta Durham who was daughter of Benjamin Durham and Sally Ann Hansor.

Napoleon and Henrietta had the following children:

  1. Mamie Elva Morgan (b. May 2, 1880 - d. Feb. 13, 1965) Mamie married John Addison Reed, Sr. (b. Oct. 17, 1878 - d. Apr. 27, 1961). Both are buried at the East View Cemetery in Salem, NJ
      children of Mamie and John A. Reed
    1. John Addison Reed, Jr.
      (b. March 20, 1901 in Dover, DE - d. April 5, 1973 in NJ). married Mabel C. Ridgeway on Feb. 13, 1925 in Dover, DE. Mabel was the daughter of Walter Ridgeway and Rhoda Palmer. Both are buried at the East View Cemetery in Salem, NJ
      • Homer Addison Reed (1925-1943)
      • Donald Winston Reed (1927-1979)
      • Floyd Jerome Reed (1928-1985)
      • Thelma Marie Reed (1930-1994)
      • Walter Allen Reed (1931-1980)
      • Elizabeth Ann Reed (1932-1993)
    2. Glady's Reed
      (b. Oct. 1, 1906 in Dover, DE - d. Aug. 10, 1995) married: #1 Roy Pritchett and #2 Elmer Valentine. Buried at the East View Cemetary in Salem, NJ
    3. Dorothy Henrietta Reed (b. July 21, ???)
      married #1 Nanthan Tepper and #2 Julio Lebron
    4. Edith V. Reed
      (b. 1904 in Cheswold, DE - d. Dec. 22, 1958 in Bridgeton, NJ). married #1 James ("Jim") Gould and #2 Irving Mosley
    5. Francis Casper Reed, Sr married Sarah ("Sally") Durham
    6. Viola ("Ola") Reed married Winfred A. Ridgeway, Sr.
    7. Rosa E. Reed

  2. William Henry Morgan
    (b. Feb. 2, 1882 - d. Oct. 11, 1979 in Cheswold, DE)
    married Cora CARNEY, daughter of James Carney and Harriett Durham, and Nora Jackson (5 April 1893- 1 Nov. 1980). William and Nora are buried at Immanuel Union (Manship) Church in Cheswold, DE
      children of William Henry and Cora Carney Reed:
    1. Harry Morgan married #1) Frances Lilliam Durham, daughter of Marvel Durham and Rhoda Seeney and #2) Henrietta Carney
        children of Harry & Frances:
      • Alice May Morgan
      • Myrtle Morgan
      • Harriet Morgan
    2. Nelson Morgan
    3. Cora Lela Morgan (b. 1906) married Archie Cleo Morris, son of Oscar Morris and Sarah Owens
      • William K. Morris
    4. Nora Morgan

  3. Homer Anthony Morgan
    (b. about 1894 in Cheswold, DE - d. 1978)
    married Emma C. Morris (1900-1983). Both are buried at Immanuel Union (Manship) Church in Cheswold, DE

  4. Sarah Catherine Morgan (b. March 1884 - d. 1913)

  5. Harvey Napoleon Morgan (b. 1886 - d. 1956)
    married Florence Bowers

  6. James Morgan (d. 22 February, 1928) died at birth

  7. Elizabeth Bell Morgan (January 1890 - 1949 in Phila., PA)
    married William McKensie Christianson
    both are buried at Immanuel Union (Manship) Church, Cheswold, DE
      children of Elizabeth Bell and William Christianson:
    1. Andre Leroy Christianson (June 7, 1911 - May 28, 2000)
    2. William M Christianson (May 22, 1923 - April 30, 1974) married Josie M. ?

  8. Mabel Morgan died young

  9. Frances Henrietta Morgan (b.January 1893 - d. 1982 in Phila., PA.) She married Alonzo DURHAM, son of John & Ruth Durham, on 4 August 1909 in Kent County, DE
      children of Frances and Alonzo Durham:
    1. Marion Durham married Stephen Cuyjet
      • Judith Cuyjet
      • Stephen Cuyjet, Jr.
      • Mark Cuyjet

  10. Elsie Mae Morgan (b. Jan 1898 - d. 1913 in Phila., PA)
    married Sam Trent and John W. "Fess" CARTER

  11. Anna Beatrice Morgan (b. Aug. 8, 1901)
    married Ernest Walker

  12. Benjamin Leroy Morgan, Sr.
    (b. Jan. 11, 1905 Delaware City, DE - d. April 10, 1977). He married Nellie Carney. Benjamin is buried at Immanuel Union (Manship) Church, Cheswold, DE

  13. Margaret Morgan (1913-1931)
    buried at Fork Branch Cemetary in Cheswold, DE

Napoleon Morgan died on January 14, 1946 in Kent County, DE. His wife, Henrietta, had died before him on Jan. 14, 1934. Both are buried at Fork Branch Cemetery in Cheswold, DE