The earliest known member of the mixed race Munce/Muncey family was Robert Munce. He first appears in the 1798 Kent Co. Tax Lists as a single man so he was probably born sometime before 1780.

We have no firm information about Robert's family. Some believe that the name is derived from the Lenape word Minsi which is possible but it is perhaps more logical to believe that Robert was descended from the white Muncey family that appeared in Kent Co. c.1735 when Francis Muncey and his wife, Abigail Skidmore Muncey, arrived from Long Island. Abigail's Skidmore relatives had begun arriving in Delaware in the 17th century. One clue that supports this theory is found in the 1850 Kent Co. DE. federal census: John Voshall whose sister-in-law was Martha Moffet Muncey (married into the white Muncey family) is shown with a mulatto child, John Munce, living in his household.

By 1800,however, Robert Munce is listed in the Federal Census as "free colored" living in a household of three so he was probably married with a child by this time.

I have no information on Robert's wife (it is possible her name was Margaret) and the list of his children is somewhat speculative. We know for sure that Robert and Margaret were his children; it is only speculation about Isaiah, John and Thomas.

The 1830 census records list two earlier Munces who may have been related to this first Robert : William Munce (born between 1775-1794) who married Maria Bedwell c.1826 and moved to Maryland and John Munce (born between 1730-1775).

I am not sure when Robert died. It is possible he died c. 1821 but this still needs to be checked out.