Historian C. A. Weslager believed that the Wright family originated in Lewes DE. based on interviews he had with Warren, Walter and Oscar Wright, the sons of Dave Wright. Weslager believed the Indians around Lewes were related to the Lenape's although the Wrights were founding members of the Nanticoke Indian Association.

Per Weslager "Elwood Wright was a river Indian in every sense of the term, and from his boyhood he had hauled nets...he was adept at making eel-pots....had fish hawks nest on his property and considered it a natural lightening rod for his frame house and barn. No good would come to anyone who killed a fish hawk or disturbed its nest..."

A search of the Sussex Co. records lists tons of Wrights . (There are also a few Kent Co. references although the Wrights seem to have been primarily a Sussex Co. family). Among the references are :

The St. George's Chapel records list the marriage of Nicholas WRIGHT and Mary, "free Mulattos", on 21 November, 1799. Many of the earliest mixed blood families were connected with St. George's including the Hanzers and the Johnsons. There is no information, so far, connecting Nicholas to any of the earlier Wrights.

Based on the census records, we find the following "free colored" Wrights living in Broadkill Hundred , Sussex Co., DE in 1840.

  1. Walter Wright (born between 1816-1830)
  2. Warren Wright (born between 1785-1804)
  3. Nicholas Wright (born between 1816-1830)
These names appeared in later Wright families so it is probable that Warren, Walter and Nicholas were all related and possibly the descendants of Nicholas and Mary.